In the time of national emergency against the #CCPvirus* or #WuhanVirus threat, we are glad to offer FREE basic 100Mhz oscilloscopes (or mixed-signal oscilloscopes) to makers and engineers in the US who are stepping up with innovations to help.

Examples include:

  • Simple ventilators that can be built quickly within US
  • Robots that reduce direct human interaction with the infected patients
  • Machines that sanitize the contaminated environment quickly and efficiently
  • Any innovation you can come up with to help the frontline medical staff, produce the medical supplies we need, improve the logistics, and means to slow the spread.

Just send me (to owner@humgar.com)

  • a project description
  • why you need the oscilloscope
  • whether you need the logic analyzer function (mixed-signal)
  • does your project require fancy oscilloscope features like FFT, calculus, phase difference, deep memory, talking to the PC
  • your name, address and phone number for shipping

and I'll make the arrangements immediately. There are no costs to you. I'll pay for shipping.

Currently available models (subject to availability)

  • HP 54645A
  • HP 54645D
  • Agilent 54622D (Mixed-Signal)
  • HP 6632B System Power Supply (20V, 5A, High Precision, Fast Transient Recovery)

These models has a no-brainer learning curve for any maker/engineer who are up to the game innovating something serious. Time is ticking. We want you to use the oscilloscope right away! Higher bandwidth oscilloscopes are available as loaner if your project justifies it.

It's under an honor system. Please don't abuse the program so the innovators who genuinely need the oscilloscope will get the stuff they need!

We thank all the innovators who contribute their time and effort in response to the CCP virus outbreak!

Stay safe, wash your hands, and stay home whenever practical.
Save lifes by slowing the spread within our medical system's capacity.


* I don't care (and won't ask) about your political opinion. WHO was bribed by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to remove the origin from the name so they can shift the blame, so I insist on calling it the #CCPvirus myself. I'm not falling for the influence from the CCP's propaganda machinary. I'm merely happy that people are working on live-saving projects and I'd like to offer the resources I have available.